We are a team that believes in the true living God, and we exhibit our love towards God by transforming the lives of people for their betterment


An Unique Caring Platform

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Holistic Care Centre

Saketa is a platform designed to conduct training programs of various types and methods to lead life to success in a better way. Not only children, but youth, parents, teachers and officials all need this kind of creative training, so Srushti is structured to bring about a radical transformation. Srushti is a platform where socially responsible practitioners who have made their mark in various fields impart such life values.



Best People Around

Those who acquire the awareness that, it is a flawed lifestyle to look at life only from the partial and incomplete knowledge acquired, and beyond that through wisdom life can be molded to a higher standard, will become exemplary personalities in the world. Such personalities can make creative movements not only in life but also in the world itself.

Sometimes Srushti comes to you, and sometimes you have to come to Srushti. Although water is available around, the thirsty will seek and the seeker will be satisfied. There is no price to be paid for the water that is available around, but there is a price to be paid for seeking and appropriating it. Srushti makes available many things that are valuable without paying a price, but also prepares to pay a price for something that needs to be earned personally.

Inside-out value is determined based on the elements that the mind and body provide from outside. Internal and external value can only be positive if the inputs from outside are of good quality. Srushti helps to improve the quality of elements that are brought in from outside, that enables you to derive value from yourself for your family and society .

You can take advantage of Srushti online and offline training programs we have prepared and planned. We will bring you more information about it soon. For example a training program is – Srishti @ Schools