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BODHYAM is a women’s association platform to comfort those who feel lonely in isolation, in the depths of mental pain, and thinking of suicide. Through the platform BODHYAM, a thousand women will lend their hands and ears to you and play a vital role in taking care of your mental health and well-being.



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In a world where the weight of despair often goes unnoticed, BODHYAM serves as a beacon of hope and support. The importance of such an organization lies in its ability to provide comfort, awareness, re-invigoration and create a safe environment for individuals in crisis.

By providing a platform for open communication and compassionate interaction, BODHYAM actively contributes to breaking down the isolation that often accompanies mental health struggles. BODHYAM not only saves lives through our activities but also helps to listen to all your problems in peace; and share all your issues openly, thus solving all disorders around mental health.

Let us move forward with the knowledge that BODHYAM exists to strengthen the power of empathy and human connection in preventing the tragedy of suicide.

You can take advantage of BODHYAM online and offline training programs we have prepared and planned. We will bring you more information about it soon. For example a training program is – BODHYAM @ Schools

For further details – 79070 24913 / 83040 98929