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Very soon a new law of peace is going to pass in Indian parliament, here onwards conversion from one religion to another will not be legally possible in India. Until the religious concept demolishes completely, none can officially change their born religion.

But leading the whole country towards the true living God is very much possible, and there will be full support from all various means for the same. The foreign countries were being uttering India is following pagan religious customs, and very soon the same world is going to follow India as their spiritual role model.

When people learn to enjoy the true live presence of God through meditation even in the seashores, tree shadows, dens and forests, slowly the concept of religious buildings and its significance will fade out from India just like the Jerusalem temple.

Looking at the people Swami Vivekananda called mad generation who gave godly nimbus, and created a new religion & cast in the name of a person who said the truth - One caste One Religion and One God for mankind. Very soon the whole world will change the insight of Swami Vivekananda about the Indian people. And they will testify that India is really a Gods Own Country!

Time being there is no harm for the priests, poojaris and musliyars, but after fifty years down the line the next generation is going to study there was such a category of people who exploit mankind once upon a time. And the living God will keep a permanent bridle for all religious extremism in India.

When India take out the upper cast dominion culture and backward people reservation, India will be emerging like a most bright morning star among all developed countries as the center of attraction in every field. And Kerala will be in the anchor position in the entire game.