Creation In 6 Days English

Creation In 6 Days?

We are taught that; God has completed all His creations in six days. During the creation its mentioned that dusk and morning second day, dusk and morning third day and so on, and hence this confusion.

To divide the day from the night, and to have days, years and seasons God created lights in the firmament of the sky in the fourth day.

Then how the reference came dusk and morning before the sun and moon was created. To understand that we can use little common sense.

The book Genesis is written by Moses. Moses was born many years after Enoch, Noah, Abraham and Jacob, but Moses wrote the history of them. Where did Moses got all this information from?

While Moses were in the mountain along with God about 40 days and nights, God revealed all about His creations. In the first day on that mountain God said to Moses in detail about His creation upon the heavens and the earth. May be that evening Moses must have slept. Next day God would have described Moses with the next part of the work, and Moses knew it until evening. Moses might have slept again in that evening too. Thus, Lord loose the scroll of His work in the first six days when Moses and God met at the mountain.

If so, the six days creation in the book of Genesis are not of God’s, but it’s Moses. The Lord made the earth and the whole universe in millions of years according to man’s timetable. Earth has been created for over 13 billion years. Then the systems of other planets in the universe are beyond comprehensively. Also, with the help of science, we can prove that the universe was not formed in six days.