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Holistic Life Changing Training Program

Today it is very necessary to improve the personality of the students in their mental, physical and spiritual growth level and make them effective citizens. SRISHTI is a Holistic Life Changing Training Program under the banner of Life Giving News for personality development of our young generation.

Broadcasting of SRISHTI @ SCHOOLS

  • Career Guidance and Identity Creation Program
  • Anti-drug Awareness Program
  • Destiny Creation Program
  • Brain Tuning Training
  • Holistic Life Transformation Training
  • Relationship based Sexual Education Training
Career Guidance and Identity Creation Program

A sense of individuality is essential for the growing generation today. A sense of identity is the consciousness of who I am and what is my responsibility. Leadership quality can be developed only in a person who has a sense of individuality. The administration system in Kerala and at the center wants to find the talents of the children and give them the necessary encouragement and training for leadership qualities. Our aim is to give the children an initial awareness of how they can make their lives successful based on their potential.

Benefit: Gives proper awareness of the sense of individuality. Identifying talents in children and helping them in Career Development based on their innate abilities. Understanding the individual value enables one to take right decisions and arrange a good life style. Training to maintain proper physical, mental and spiritual health..

Anti-drug Awareness Program

Knowingly or unknowingly, our children are getting addicted to drugs and alcohol. Often these types of habits reach children without their full knowledge or consent. Right awareness is essential here.

Benefit: Children are made aware of the ways in which they are likely to slip into addiction and are taught how to avoid it. Also, this training is structured in a very creative and fun way to help the children understand how to get out of it if they fall into it.

Destiny Creation Program

70 to 85 percent of people want to live life well. But 15% of individuals have a higher life goal. Only two percent of these fifteen will reach that goal and become legends.

Benefit: This program trains the right sense of purpose and goal achievement and develops creative thinking and efficiency to put it into practice. Training to acquire strong self-confidence to overcome difficulties and to find skills and achieve the destination through it. It also helps in creating full awareness of what needs to be done to reach that goal.

Brain Tuning Training Program

Brain tuning means brain exercise. Brain tuning is the process of freeing the brain from excessive thoughts and impulses. Memory is stored inside the brain. The brain is the reaction center of the mind and the center of human emotions. But the disorders of daily life damage the human mind in many ways. Brain tuning training helps create a healthy mind.

Benefit: Helps neutralize excessive fear, anger and restlessness by helping to calm the mind. It also helps to learn new things with enthusiasm. It can increase memory, boost up immune system and create a healthy body along with a healthy mind. Brain tuning training helps in solving problems like stammering, memory loss, depression, anxiety and panic attacks.

Holistic Life Transformation Training

To attain complete transformation in life one must acquire true spiritual knowledge. Paying attention to small things can make a person lead a very good life in every sense. But man is so taken by immature knowledge and pride that he cannot notice even those small good things. Holistic Life Transformation Training Program is a training program that leads from ignorance to wisdom by controlling the five senses properly based on good knowledge.

Benefit: Helps to properly protect Body, Soul and Spirit and lead a self-controlled life. It also helps to act appropriately by developing the insight to plan for creative things. Gaining knowledge about diet and lifestyle changes for proper health improvement. It also helps in guiding relationships, fitness and spirituality in the right way. Acknowledging internal and external strengths and weaknesses prepares to recognize and act on how a person can change. It helps you realize and implement how you can take control of your day-to-day situations.

by Abdul Kalam

Educationists should build
the capacities of the spirit of inquiry, creativity, entrepreneurial and moral leadership among students and become their role model.


Excellence happens not by accident; it is a process. Creativity is seeing the same thing but thinking differently. The best brains of the nation may be found on the last benches of the classroom. The purpose of education is to make good human beings with skill and expertise... Enlightened human beings can be created by teachers.

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