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Spirituality - seeking a meaningful connection?

A wide range of thoughts come to our mind when we hear the word Spirituality. For some, it is a positive energy that keeps the peace of their minds, yet for others, it is the experience of self-awareness that transcends the physical realm. Often, the term Spirituality is confused with religion, such that mentioning ‘I am spiritual’ means to follow their religion. But one must understand that Spirituality and religion entitle two different notions. This could only be realized when one imbibes the true meaning of spirituality.

As far as religion is considered, it is a set of institutionalized regimes that follows certain practices and rules based on principle claims to make people go through experiences that guide them spiritually, especially by believing in the Supreme Being or God. But most of the time, a person who is religious may not be spiritual and rather turn out to be a mere religious zealot, thus failing to see the true meaning of Spirituality through religion.


The Japanese poet Matsuo Basho said, “Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the wise. Seek what they sought.” When religion forces us to narrow our minds into me, my, myself, my community, and its well-being, true spirituality offers to broaden our minds into accepting each and every individual irrespective of caste, creed, and color as an integral part of the journey of one’s life in its very being.

Thus, we become spiritual when we can transform ourselves into the epitome of love, joy, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness, and generosity, touching the innermost conscience of our fellow beings, and enabling us to pour healing into their wounded minds.

If we ever dig deep into the origin of the term Spirituality, it comes from the Latin word Spiritus, which means ‘Breath’. We realize Spirituality as the breath of existence, the very form of life itself in this universe.

It could be seen in every bit of our being, beginning from the tiniest entity to the wonderful galaxies that scientists say sprang out of the Big Bang.

by Buddha

Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, man cannot live without a spiritual life.


It could be seen in the smiles of our little ones springing to the rays of hope the Sun provides and seen when the brimming river finally reaches its course into the sea. It could be seen in the obedience of the universe which, in silence, follows the knowledge that withholds it making life possible.

We breathe today, awaiting the full revelation of true spiritualism as it is the force that beholds the laws of existence, in this vast multitude of the universe of which we are all a part of.

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Shebina Babu

I am Shebina Babu, currently works as Senior Research Fellow at Amrita Center for Nanoscience and Molecular Medicine, Cochin, India.

  • comment author
    Robert John
    Dec 13 2022

    A person whose mind is not free is a slave, not a free man.

  • comment author
    Christine Hill
    December 27 2022

    A man who is living but if his mind is not free, better to considered as dead

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