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Humans are not mere living creatures but spiritual being too. Life on earth can be mainly classified into four types – Botanical Life, Animal Life, Human Life and Divine Life. Only Human and Divine lives are connected with invisible spiritual world.

Human body is visible but the soul is not, similarly spirit is also not visible and connected with the invisible spiritual world. As explained in the previous articles, spirit is eternal (everlasting without death) and hence the most important part of human life is the spirit. But man gives more importance to the perishable body since body is the only visible part of human life. If body seems to be weak, lots of efforts are being put to keep the body perfect and strong, but nothing had been done for the betterment of everlasting spirit.

When we analyze, the body is always willing to meet all the desires of the soul, and in turn the soul is ready for all desires and pleasures of the body, but nothing is being done for the needs of the spirit. History clearly tells that the monks and rishis gave more importance to the spirit than the body and soul; hence they spent most of the time in meditations in forests, caves and mountains.

Few interesting facts about the spirit –

Spirit has no gender differences as they are not physical body.

Spirit is everlasting and so no death for the spirit.

Spirit lives eternally with no need of physical materials such as food, water, oxygen, sunlight etc.

The name of a person is for the spirit, not for the body or the soul.

Spirit has no feelings of cold, heat, sickness, weakness, stress or strain, not only that spirit does not required rest or sleep.

A glove meets its purpose only when an hand gets into it. Similarly, the human spirit is like a container that is created to hold something in it.

Natural abilities

Human has inborn talents and abilities that doesn’t require any external training but practiced in normal life. Human body consists of bones, flesh, nerves, blood etc and all these are formed naturally in the womb without any external efforts. Soon after the birth, without any additional training the newborns uses hands and legs, rolls the body, using the arms pushes and drags the body and then tries to sit, and then balances to stand, and finally through continuous trials after falling multiple times, gets up to walk and run. All these happen very naturally with inborn abilities.

Similarly the growth of the soul is also developed in a very natural way. The soul mainly consists of emotions (anger, happiness, sadness…), self-will (decisions, choice …) and mind (thoughts, thinking, memory…). Instead of the allowing the soul to develop in its own natural way, soon after the birth, the information of caste, religion, culture, customs & practices are fed continuously, and the soul then gets into the boundaries of limitations. Most of the advises are just the awareness of Do’s and Don’ts and the emphasis will be more on Don’ts. Such boundary lines, hinders and turns as bottlenecks for the natural growth of the mindset, and later leads to the fear of doing anything making one to lose the much required confidence.

Unlike the soul, the spirit actually needs awareness and training from the childhood for the spirit to be activated and to be filled with the divine presence. So, until human spirit holds what is meant to be filled in there, the purpose of human life will not be met.

Though an human being is born with all the bodily parts that includes reproductive systems and respective hormones, these hormones will not be activated until a certain age. Only when these are activated, a person will be referred as a mature adult. Similarly, the human spirit gets activated by receiving the divine presence in it and only then one can be referred to as a complete man or a woman. Only such a complete man or a woman can fulfill the purpose of a human life.

An important point here to note is – humans are not robots to move according to the instructions of a divine power or an evil power. Human beings are always controlled by their own self-will. So it is very important how this self-will is developed and that could be either through the divine influence or through the trained do’s and don’ts.

Natural life and Divine life

By birth all humans have natural human life which is connected with blood and breath like all other life forms. If the human spirit gets activated, the spirit of man will be filled with divine presence and thus becomes a human, with divine life. Even though physical appearances are the same in both cases, the manifestation and demonstration of human life and divine life will be entirely different. In human life, the spirit will be inactive and the soul controls the body, whereas in the divine life, the spirit gives continuous information to the soul and based on this information, the soul controls the body. In short, a man with human life will be moved by the information gathered through five senses from the visual world, whereas a man with divine life will be moved by the direct information through the spirit from invisible spiritual world. So a person with human life can’t digest the ideology of the person with divine life.

Here are few examples that shows the difference between a man with human life and a man with divine life:

When a man with human life sees a beggar, he gives bread or money for his survival at that moment. But if a man with divine life sees a beggar, instead of giving bread or money, he enables him to get his daily bread without begging anymore. A farmer with human life uses poisonous chemicals and high dosage of pesticides for farming to gain high profits, whereas a farmer with divine life uses organic practices even though he gets lesser produce.

Similarly, a doctor with human life prescribes medicines and medical procedures to get more commission, whereas a doctor with divine life would try to avoid high dosage of medication that causes a lot of side effects and gives guidelines to follow natural treatment and a teacher with human life just finishes the academic topics assigned, whereas a teacher with divine life gives more importance to teach moral values than academic topics and helps the students to develop good characters and habits.

Now the topic becomes most relevant to know how can the human spirit be activated to be filled with the divine presence.

to be continued….

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